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Topic and service delivery background: Please write an individual reflective jo

Topic and service delivery background:
Please write an individual reflective journal after a volunteer service delivery in Hong Kong (You can ignore writing Hong Kong’s background, I will write it myself). The volunteer service delivery including phone interview with elderly living alone and a face-to-face smartphone teaching/consulting session for elderly.
The phone interview aims to care about the elderly and discuss about their general situations and collect their living issues. (Actually, most of them are fine but there are serval cases need further help. Some may have health problems. Some may scare to be infected by COVID-19.)
The face-to-face smartphone teaching/consulting session aims to help the elderly troubleshooting the problem of using smartphone and teach them how to use the functions and apps of the smartphone, such as WhatsApp, vaccination passport app, FaceTime, or even the basic usage of the smartphone (basic Android/iOS UI opertaion).
The reflection provided an insightful, highly-detailed and substantive summary on the significance of the service experience and how it related to the student, to the groupmates, to the service recipients’ personal lives, and to the community. Showed detailed, in-depth and insightful self-reflections after the service, providing strong evidence of growth (e.g. changes of attitudes), deep learning (e.g. insights), and mastery of skills. Showed a very strong sense of responsibility to the community, and have concrete plans to continue his/her contributions to the community through actions. Connected the service and his/her personal/ professional life, and articulate how he/she could contribute more as a professional and as a responsible citizen in the future.

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