Total of 3 separate assignments (2 discussions and 1 assignment). Please follow

Total of 3 separate assignments (2 discussions and 1 assignment). Please follow

Total of 3 separate assignments (2 discussions and 1 assignment). Please follow the separate instructions for each.
Alfred Adler & Contemporary Social Issues Discussion
Alfred Adler lived in a very turbulent time, spanning the World War I, great Depression, and the rise of Nazism in Europe. He and his family were affected by political and social turmoil in Europe and the US. That should explain how and why Adler’s theory, unlike all the rest of the psychological theories, sounds so social. After reading this week’s assigned articles and viewing the media, please reflect on how Adler’s Individual Psychology responded to the social processes of his time. You are to discuss the following:
Pick an issue that he has responded to (based on your reading and viewing)
Summarize your understanding of that social issue, Adler’s “response” to it via his theory
Briefly discuss how and why Adler would respond to one of the most socially pressing issues of today
Your post will be approximately 350 words. You need to use references. In your peer responses, please find an opportunity to validate (vs. praise) your classmates’ efforts and to take their discussion to a new level by asking questions, building on (vs. replacing) their efforts. You will also have to respond to your professor’s inquiries.[1.2] Assignment
When you complete viewing the video “The Story – Alfred Adler and His Indivisible Psychology…His and Ours”, think about how you would respond to a question posed by Dr. Bluvshtein to an audience. Compose a brief (200 words) essay response to it. You do not need to use references.
[2.2] Cultural Lens Discussion
When all original posts for [2.1] are posted, please view your week’s reading, your classmates’ discussions, and your own post with the cultural lens – your culture, others’ culture. Please discuss the following:
What do you now see that you have not noticed before?
How might a cultural framework change the conversation?
What did speak to you as a cultural being in your classwork this week?
Your post will be approximately 200 words. You may use references, but this is not a requirement. In your peer responses, please challenge yourself to see the issue “with the eyes of another, hear with the ears of another, and feel with a heart of another” (A.Adler).

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