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Unit 1 Course Spanning Task: Research Paper Topic (Must Involve Diversity) Overv

Unit 1 Course Spanning Task: Research Paper Topic (Must Involve Diversity)
Overview: In its final form, your research paper will serve as a portfolio document establishing a firm foundation to support all of your future coursework in your degree program. Although the paper has value in and of itself, remember that it is also a representation of less tangible elements. When you complete your paper, understand that each paper represents an experience – long nights and afternoons in front of the computer pouring your creative energy and intellectual labor into your work. The final paper symbolizes your efforts to master the practical tools of academia as well as the critical thinking skills required for sustained, in-depth analysis required by graduate students.
Assignment: Select a topic for your final research paper assignments for this course. For this assignment, write a 300-400 word description of the topic of your research paper.
Select a topic that relates to your graduate program.
Narrow your topic sufficient for an 8-10 page paper.
Describe your topic and identify how the paper relates to your program.
Locate two initial research-quality references using an academic database, such as the Discover!, the search engine on the OU Library home page.
Your references need to be from refereed (peer-reviewed) journal articles in the last ten years. Use the OU library.
Cite two to three references in your topic description using APA in-text citations.
Include the reference information on a reference page at the end of the topic description.
Please note this reference page will be used throughout the course and will be developed as you add additional references with additional research.
The assigned FAS Guide “Topic Exploration” – Unit 1 includes further details regarding this assignment as well as some examples.
Important Note: Select a topic that pertains to your academic program in some way (i.e. Criminal Justice, Healthcare Administration, Museum Studies, Leadership Administration, or Prevention Science).

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