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• Use critical-thinking skills to integrate multiple sources of knowledge, data,

• Use critical-thinking skills to integrate multiple sources of knowledge, data, and research to analyze social welfare policies.
•Demonstrate the ability to analyze, formulate, and advocate for policies which advance social well-being.
•Analyze how individual differences and diversity impact the perception and analysis of social welfare policies. Create a PowerPoint presentation with 12-15 slides related to the topic of the week. Before you build your presentation, please review and assess the policies related to child abuse and neglect in the State you reside in. When preparing your presentation, please discuss the following issues:
Statistics of child abuse and neglect issues in your State including race, ethnicity, age of the child and gender.
How is child abuse and neglect are addressed by your State? What is the impact on the victim and on the families?
Define child abuse and neglect according to the State you live in. Please make sure the laws you reference for your State are current.
The child welfare system sends conflicting messages about family preservation and permanency. Describe one inconsistency or conflicting messages you found in your research.
Please review Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act in its most recent update and summarize what you have learned and how it may apply to Louisa’s case? Louisa and her family in two other courses and how Policy affects practice. The impact of policies on the lives of clients and the social workers who serve them is profound.
Provide clear overview of the purpose of the assignment.
Evidence of knowledge of the problem/population
Demonstrate knowledge and use of concepts of social problem and affected population.
Integration of social work values
Apply social work values to the problem and/or population and how they may differ from policymakers or other stakeholders.
Integration of scholarly references
Demonstrate knowledge and use of concepts learned from of relevant academic and professional source materials. Only scholarly sources, i.e., peer-reviewed publications, government reports, should be used in this paper.
Adherence to assignment instructions
Student follows all assignment prompts and instructions.
Clarity of Writing and Slide Design
Narrative must be well organized with minimal grammatical and/or spelling or punctuation errors. Must adhere to a scholarly and professional writing style.
• Clear and organized slide flow
• Correct slide count
• Professional Presentation
• Use of graphics and design to support slide presentation
APA Style
Formatting and reference citations must adhere to the guidelines provided in the American Psychological Association.

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