Use the template and also use the company Zoom for the collaborative tool Step 1

Use the template and also use the company Zoom for the collaborative tool
Step 1

Use the template and also use the company Zoom for the collaborative tool
Step 1: Review the scenario:
Your organization recently shifted to remote work. Since that time, you have heard complaints from a few co-workers concerning the lack of collaboration tools and difficulty effectively collaborating in a remote environment. You also know that your supervisor has recently received a number of complaints concerning the company’s online collaboration tools. Your co-worker recently left you a voicemail message expressing extreme frustration with the lack of collaboration tools and has asked if there is something that can be done to help the organization select and implement a collaboration tool.
Because of these complaints, your supervisor is in search of technology that can be used to effectively collaborate in a remote environment. As a team leader, you have been asked to present information on one collaborative tool – providing the benefits, features, and advantages of using the tool in your workplace. Your goal is to convince the leadership team to invest in the one collaborative tool you have selected for use throughout the organization.
Step 2: Select one collaborative tool that you have used or learned about.
Step 3: Download and complete the Speech Outline Template .
Use the template to develop a persuasive outline that has an attention-grabbing introduction, a specific purpose, a central idea, several main points, and a memorable conclusion. You will use this outline to stay within the 3-4 minute time limit when you present in Week 9.
You must use at least two quality sources to support your ideas (cited in-text and in the Sources section).
Step 4: Upload the completed outline to the Assignment 4 page.
Your goal for this assignment is to: For this assignment, you will be creating the outline for the speech you will deliver in Week 9. This week, you will not compose an essay or speech. You are only required to submit an outline. Your persuasive speech will focus on one specific collaboration tool. Be sure to focus on the advantages and benefits of the collaboration tool in relation to your organization.
Assignment Help Video: Week 7 Assignment 4 Overview
Interactive Assignment Walkthrough
If you’d like to work on your assignment while watching the help video, click on the interactive video below. As you watch the video, you’ll be able to answer the questions along the way. After you have answered each of the questions and reach the end of the video, you will download a Word document with your answers. Then, you will submit your completed document to Blackboard for grading.
If you need help, check out the PlayPosit Help Document PDF .
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