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Visit YouTube (Links to an external site.) and find a video that pertains to air

Visit YouTube (Links to an external site.) and find a video that pertains to aircraft performance, aircraft reciprocating engines, turboprop engines, turbofan engines, weight and balance, aviation engine safety, or aviation engine maintenance. Please consider a topic that will assist you in your term paper analysis.
Please number and state each question/statement and write a separate paragraph or paragraphs for each answer.
Title of the video (ex. Flightline Hazards)
Post a brief synopsis of the video. Include the link so others may view the video.
What are some main points that you found interesting that aligns with the module objectives?
How can pilots or managers make good decisions about this topic to avoid risk?
The discussion activities in this course are an integral part of your learning and comprise 20% of the final grade.
You are encouraged and expected to participate in online discussions. The goal of the discussion topics and questions are to learn from the collective knowledge and skills of your peers and instructor. Please answer and discuss the questions presented in each module. Your posts should be timely, in-depth, and include the materials you learn in the module.
In order to help foster good interaction and discussion, you are REQUIRED to post your initial response to the discussion question by day 4 of the course-week.
Discussion posts should be a minimum of 300 words with at least two sources cited.
Number and state each question/requirement listed in the discussion prompt.
Your discussion posts should be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors.
Respond to at least one of your classmates with constructive dialog. Your responses to classmates should be at least 100 words and contribute to the continuing conversation.

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