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Visual media is a superb way to analyze gender because it demonstrates the compl

Visual media is a superb way to analyze gender because it demonstrates the complexities of the social contexts of human behavior. One documentary is chosen for you Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes
You are required to write an analytical paper about this documentary. For the film, you should write a 3-5page typed analysis (NOT A FULL SUMMARY!), in which you connect the film to our course material. For this paper I want you to connect the film to identity & femininity/ masculinity.
Your paper will include a brief summary of the content and include descriptive details to support your analysis. Your paper should also include research from at least two other scholarly or peer-reviewed sources for support. You are welcomed and encouraged to use any texts from the syllabus. However, you can also use outside sources.
The purpose of these papers is for you to learn to apply the course ideas to the world around you. In these assignments, you need to be sure that you apply the material correctly. Your essays should be formal in tone, well thought-out, grammatically proofread, and they should contain core concepts or ideas from the course. You should have a bibliography page for each essay that lists the readings or material that you are integrating into the paper (which is not counted toward your page requirement). You should also use APA or ASA format, which generally includes Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, and double spacing.

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