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Visual Timeline Infographic For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint p

Visual Timeline Infographic
For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that depicts a visual timeline of the historical events of your fire department. The fire department should be one with which you are associated or your local department if you are not currently in the fire service. The historical descriptions should be brief with no more than 20 to 30 words per description.
Before you start designing your visual timeline infographic, it may help you to develop an outline that will guide you through the process. The outline will assist you with the amount and type of content that you will include in the timeline. Use your critical thinking skills to determine the events that warrant timestamps or distinction and will best illustrate and provide a visual history of your department.
For example, your timeline could span less or more than 100 years. It may include important milestones, such as the establishment of technical rescue, fire protection, fire investigation, and emergency medical services (EMS). Perhaps there were significant changes in jurisdiction, responsibility, or leadership that were pivotal.
If your department is relatively new, you will need to expand the timeline to show how fire and emergency services were provided in that area prior to the department’s establishment.
As you develop your timeline and create the PowerPoint presentation, consider the following example
infographic Little Gasprilla Island Fire and Rescue (LGIFR) History Timeline infographic Little Gasprilla Island Fire and Rescue (LGIFR) History Timeline – Alternative Formats . You may use this format or design your own presentation. Your timeline detail must include the following major components:
descriptions and significance of events, and
supporting images.
The visual timeline infographic must span at least eight slides. Each slide must have audio narration of at least 60 seconds that expands upon the slide content.
tutorial Adding Audio to a PowerPoint tutorial Adding Audio to a PowerPoint – Alternative Formats can assist you if you are new to using the narration feature. You must include a transcript of your narration in the Speaker Notes section of each slide.
Review the useful tip below.
In some versions of PowerPoint, you can find Timelines under the New tab. In the Search tab for online templates and themes, type in the word timeline or download a timeline presentation by searching PowerPoint timelines on the internet.
Using the same amount of text for each historical event will make it easier to create your timeline.
The use of images or illustrations improves the appearance and separates the timeline infographic from an unappealing timeline that only contains plain text.
Strive to use images or illustrations that draw attention and sustain interest. However, beware that using too many images or graphics can also take away from the objective of the timeline.
Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of eight slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. The audio narration for each of the content slides must be a minimum of 60 seconds per slide. Ensure your title slide contains the title of your presentation, your name, course number, professor, and date.
You must use a minimum of three sources to support your presentation, one of which may be your course eTextbook. All sources used must have properly formatted APA Style citations and references.
As far as the audio goes dont worry about the actual audio id appreciate just a typed transcript so i can record my voice doing the narration. thanks

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