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Warning: Whichever prompt you choose, be careful to ground your argument in spec

Warning: Whichever prompt you choose, be careful to ground your argument in specifics. Avoid general references to “science,” “technology,” “society,” or “at that time.” Instead, analyze particular details that you’ve encountered within particular historical, social, or biographical contexts.
Prompt I:
Bletchley is home to multiple exhibits that demonstrate the extraordinary information and data gathering effort that took place here during the Second World War. If the Great War of 1914-1918 had already illustrated the importance of developing frontline military capabilities, Bletchley Park, in contrast, highlighted the increasingly important role of intelligence operations during times of total war.
Your task is to write an essay that explores and makes an argument about an aspect or implication of the work that took place there. You should frame your argument around a historically relevant question or topic engaged and/or demonstrated by the work done at Bletchley. Your point of intellectual emphasis could be new modes of war behind the traditional frontlines, the importance of information and intelligence gathering, questions of information or misinformation, encryption and decryption, how the investment in Bletchley reflects new thinking about wartime tactics and strategies, or the role of specific individuals.
Ultimately, the goal of the assignment is to make an argument about how your chosen topic of focus contributed to the expansion of national and perhaps even corporate power or what the shift from frontline to behind-the-scenes technology signified about the changing nature of warfare.
General Requirements (and the basis for your grade):
A clear and well-developed thesis.
References to and analysis of specific exhibits or materials you encounter during the trip.
Include photographs of any exhibits you discuss so professors know what you are writing about.
Your argument and evidence demonstrate interdisciplinary analysis and draw on concepts and sources presented in RH, SS, and/or HU
Your paper is edited and proofread carefully.
Footnotes and bibliography properly formatted in Chicago style.
I will provide photos and Alan Turing is one of the main individuals talked about in reference to Bletchley Park

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