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We are going to have a case study analysis. This will be graded. I chose this ca

We are going to have a case study analysis. This will be graded.
I chose this case study for three key purposes:
This case helps showcase two alliances and issues and problems with them and helps you think about it so when you form your own you have a greater chance of succeeding.
This case also helps you think of strategic options which is the exercise you need to do with your teammate for the group strategic audit.
This case analysis is exactly what a case interview for a job would be like.
TASK 1- Reading: You need to first read the case assigned:
With Whom To Go? Mattel or Hasbro?
(uploaded bellow)
TASK 2- Case Analysis: Answer the following questions in-depth:
1. What are Mattel, Hasbro, and Disney’s KEY resources and capabilities?
2. What are their sources of Competitive Advantage -i.e. those that are rare valuable hard to imitate and that company is capitalizing on (see chapter on the internal environment of lookup VRIO or VRINE on the web).
3. What can Disney offer to Mattel or Hasbro and vice-versa? Who would have the power in the relationship?
4. What type of alliance did Mattel and Disney have? What type of alliance do Hasbro and Disney have now?
5. What could have been/can be Disney’s alternative options?
6. What was the value of Disney’s alliance with Mattel *think beyond the obvious here? What is the value of Disney’s alliance with Hasbro?
7. Why did Disney cancel its princess alliance with Mattel?
8. Why were so many Mattel executives fired recently?
9. What could have Mattel done to retain Disney as a partner?
10. What should Hasbro do to retain Disney as a partner?
11. Should/Could Mattel create a new alliance with Disney? What would it take to convince Disney to come back?
TASK 3-Strategic Advising/Options Analysis:
Pretend we went back in time and you are Disney’s CEO’s assistant -BEFORE Dinsey decided to switch to Mattel. The CEO comes to you and asks you to write an evaluation of each of the options:
Option 1: Staying with Mattel or
Option 2: Moving to HASBRO.
Your opinion will help the CEO decide to switch or not. Remember that you can suggest something different than what the CEO ultimately decided to do.
Provide a strategic evaluation of the pros and cons of each of these options. BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE -THINK OF ALL pros and cons of each option. Think of the risks associated with each.
MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE A SYNTHESIS with your overall recommendation. It could be different than what the company decided to do. So basically MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE AN EXECUTIVE CONCLUSION: In SOAR – You must tell us which of the two options you would choose and why and tell me What dangers you need to watch for and any potential implementation issues.
Hi, You do not provide enough answers. You need to answer each question separately. And, more importantly, you need to provide a great detailed answer to the last question, strategic advising.

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