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We will consider two chapters—8 and 9 from Worlds Together Worlds Apart. In Chap

We will consider two chapters—8 and 9 from Worlds Together Worlds Apart.
In Chapter 8, we focus on the concept of universalizing religions. After reading the textbook, compare two different civilizations found in Chapter 8. Give details from the book to show a broad understanding of a prominent religion in both civilizations during the time of 300-600 CE. Take an objective approach to this discussion rather than a personal approach. This discussion should be a full first paragraph of 150 words or more.
In Chapter 9, you will discover the origins and spread of Islam, the Tang state in China, Korea and Japan, and the emergence of European Christendom in the Byzantine Empire (also known as the Eastern Roman Empire), and the new Holy Roman Empire. You’ll read about conquests in the West from Muslims, Germanic tribes, and Vikings. This period is called the Middle Ages for Europe, or the Medieval period. Though Rome “fell” in 476 CE, in 392 CE Christianity became both the religion of the empire and state policy. The Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire then fought for power of church and state. Christianity, in the forms of Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox, spread across Europe while Islam spread across North Africa and the Middle East. From your textbook Chapter 9, discuss an area of common culture between two different religions of the Middle Ages. (These should not be the same religions you discussed from Chapter 8.) This is due as your second full paragraph in 150 words or more. Please cite your sources through in-text page numbers and final citations in MLA format.
– Your full discussion for Chapters 8 and 9 should be 300 words or more.
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