Week 2 Discussion: Evaluating Sources In academic writing, it is essential to

Week 2 Discussion: Evaluating Sources
In academic writing, it is essential to

Week 2 Discussion: Evaluating Sources
In academic writing, it is essential to use sources that are not only relevant but also credible. To determine a source’s credibility, you should consider such inter-related factors as: the medium, the author, the publisher, the purpose, the date, citations, language, and presentation. More information can be found at the Northeastern Library (Links to an external site.) or hereLinks to an external site..
 (Links to an external site.)
For this discussion board, evaluate this source here (Links to an external site.) and, using these factors, determine if it would be an appropriate source to cite in an assignment about plagiarism among international students. Note: You may find that the source is NOT acceptable, and that’s fine.
In your first paragraph, write a one-paragraph (approximately 200-word) summary of the text you evaluated using APA citations as necessary.
In a second paragraph, explain why this is or isn’t an appropriate source. What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? Provide a brief evaluation of the source using each of the CRAAP test questionsLinks to an external site. – why did it pass? Please list all components and address the questions. 
In a third paragraph, share your personal reaction to the article. Do you agree or disagree with its claims? What have you learned about academic integrity in the United States that has surprised or challenged you?
Finally, post a question to your classmates about the process you just engaged in.
From this point on, you must integrate at least one credible outside source in every Discussion Board post to support your argument unless otherwise noted. Include in-text citations and a full reference list.
Week 3 Discussion:
Please review the presentation about reading strategically Strategic reading.pptx  Download Strategic reading.pptxand Annotating.pptx Download Annotating.pptx.
Write 250 words
Read the article “Good Leadership Is About Asking Good Questions” (Hagel III, 2021) and annotate it. Your annotations will be graded based on whether you added the following: 
2-3 Reflective comment (RC) – this type of comment shows your understanding of the ideas in the text in relation to real-life experiences or to other readings in the course.
2-3 Critical comment (CC) – a critical comment may point out a weakness in the authors’ argument, lack of support or information, or even mention an idea that the authors have not considered in their article.
2-3 Critical question (CQ) – simply asking “What does this mean?” is not enough. You should think critically about the content you are reading and ask questions related to logic, credibility, reliability, implications, etc. For example, “Why did the authors interview both males and females but didn’t discuss gender differences in the conclusion section?”
When annotating, please use acronyms (RC, CC, CQ) to indicate what kind of comment you are making.
Post 2 discussion questions should in the reply box thatt:
Demonstrate some understanding of the reading
Advance the discussion about the reading in an interesting way
Post a copy of the annotated article and 2 discussion questions.

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