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What does it mean to “misuse data?”  And how does that relate to “data protectio

What does it mean to “misuse data?”  And how does that relate to “data protectio

What does it mean to “misuse data?”  And how does that relate to “data protection” as defined in laws and standards such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and many others?
That’s the focus of this assignment.
Stepping away from that private company you’re working for, it’s time to do some independent research. You’ll need to find a recent “data misuse” incident, something that happened during the last twelve months, analyze it, find additional sources to help you support that analysis; then, put your findings together in the form of an “after action lessons learned” report.
This will require you to role play as if you’re a member of the incident response team at that particular company or organization.
Your report will have to explain the situation that occurred within the case, and how they related to failures (or missed opportunities) by the organizations involved in the case to take proper data protection measures to prevent it. Then, generalize your findings: Describe the security practices that should be used to regulate employee behavior and the misuse of information in situations like the one you’re investigating.. Provide recommendations for suitable strategies in the implementation of a security performance measurement program that could be used to prevent these situations from occurring.
Then, think about this problem in the overall context of incident detection and response. How can a business detect that such data misuse is happening? How would the rest of the incident response process apply?
As a “lessons learned” report, be sure to observe the things that went well — the things people got right — along with the things that didn’t work so well. A lessons learned process should be both a learning and teaching event, as well as providing a way to decompress from the shell-shock of the immediate incident itself. Your report should help people do that.

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