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What is the order for abdominal assessment? What is the order in which you would

What is the order for abdominal assessment?
What is the order in which you would auscultate a patients abdomen?
Conduct a physical assessment in a systematic manner.
What are observable signs and symptoms of infection?
How would you identify the stages of pressure injuries?
The nurse needs to prepare a diet that will promote wound healing and tissue repair. What types of food would be on it?
When doing tube feedings the nurse knows that the feeding tube is in the abdomen, when he/she hears what sound or aspirates content. What range is the PH in for gastric content?
After bolus tube feeding the nurse should follow with how much water and what position should the patient be in when he/she is done, and why?
What are the signs of proper tube placement and appropriate absorption of tube feeding?
When giving a large volume enema the nurse knows that instilling the solution is done through gravity. Explain the procedure.
When performing ostomy care the nurse knows that the device should be changed based on what factor?
Explain the characteristics of fecal matter from a colonoscopy and an ileostomy.
When is a nasal gastric tube used?
A patient needs to be taught how to use an incentive spirometer. What information would you provide?
What are the means for delivering O2 to your patient? List the types of oxygen delivery systems. What are the advantages and disadvantage for each.
When suctioning a tracheostomy tube, the patient is observed or assessed for what signs and symptoms?
What are steps for endotracheal tube care?
*Answer each question with approximately 1 or 2 paragraphs

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