. Why does airline management keep their financial date secret and only release

. Why does airline management keep their financial date secret and only release

. Why does airline management keep their financial date secret and only release the minimum required by company law or stock exchange rules? What events of the past 20 years have affected this? What is affecting this right now? Please include any other thoughts you may have.
Please pick one airline and discuss their recent financial success or failures. How has the airline you picked performed over the past few months? What do airline experts think? What do you think? Please share your thoughts with the class.
The past two years have been an incredibly hectic for airlines. Airlines have announced large aircraft orders and have undergone massive hiring. Why is this? What are your thoughts? Please pick a specific example or two, research it, and then share your thoughts.
This chapter discusses airlines leasing and purchasing aircraft. Why do you think airlines choose leasing or purchasing aircraft? What factors are involved when making the decision to lease or buy? Please provide specific examples for the airline(s) that you discuss. After conducting your research, present what you have discovered and share your thoughts.
It is mentioned that there are strong financial incentives for mergers in this chapter. Do you agree with that statement? Why? What examples can you find? How did the mergers discussed in your research turn out? What could have changed how they turned out? Please share your thoughts.
Privatization of airlines in certain countries is discussed at the end of this chapter. Please pick one area discussed and research it further. How does privatization work in that area? Has it worked? If so, why? Would you change anything? What do you think will change in the future? What other thoughts do you have?
Drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems have drastically increased in popularity. What are your thoughts? What fiscal impact will UAS have on aviation? How will the recent FAA regulations impact the fiscal aspect of UAS? Please provide a specific example to discuss.
Airlines have had to operate in a much different environment since the beginning of Covid 19 and through the recovery. International travel was essentially cut off but is now starting to come back. How are airlines handling this current environment? What protections do you think they are using to reduce risk as much as possible?
This chapter discusses fuel hedging. Several airlines and their fuel hedging stategies are discussed. Please pick one and research their history with hedging further. Has it worked for them? After reading the chapter, what are your thoughts on fuel hedging?
This chapter discusses aircraft leasing. Research one airline and discuss what their relationship to aircraft leasing has been. What are your thoughts regarding the success of this strategy? If you were to start an airline, what do you think your strategy would be? Why?
Delta Airlines
In Chapter 12, aircraft securitization is discussed. What are your thoughts regarding airlines using this tool? How did the 2008 financial crisis affect this? What do you think the future of aircraft securitzation is? Please cite your sources. Respond thoughtfully to at least two other students.
This unit discusses how recent start-up airlines are more likely to be LLC models. What do you think about this? What example(s) can you find? Do you think this will always be the case or can you see things changing in the future? Why?
all have to have at least 2 sources

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