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Working Thesis Description A working thesis is a thesis you’re “working” on. It’

Working Thesis
A working thesis is a thesis you’re “working” on. It’s a
work in progress, a living, growing thing. However, it should show a general
idea of how you intend to answer a research question. A thesis is the answer to
the question that began your research.
A thesis is comprised of two parts:
A claim
Supporting points
A claim is a statement that someone could potentially
disagree with. It is debatable. Supporting points act as supports for
the claim, used to prove why the claim is strong and correct.
A thesis for a lengthy paper like your Research-Based
Argument Essay will require some level of flexibility. While in previous
classes, a 5-paragraph essay with a simple claim and 3 supporting points would
suffice, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, your thesis writing should
start finding new ways to express a claim and imply a level of organization or
what you can use to support it.
Let’s have a look at an example of a more versatile thesis:
Changes to the US healthcare system
would drastically improve patients’ health and debt, starting with reforms to
its infrastructure.
The thesis is simple, but it has two key parts of a thesis:
a claim and supporting points. The claim is that if the US healthcare system
were to change, it would help the lives of patients. Now, instead of listing all
the reforms needed to do that, it says simple that this can be achieved by
reforms, meaning that the essay would focus on what those reforms would be and
how those reforms would be a positive change.
For this assignment, you will need to draft a working
thesis. This thesis will likely appear in some form in your research proposal.
Remember, the thesis does not need to be perfect or what you will commit to for
the final draft of your essay. It’s just a place to start.
Provide a working thesis that has a claim and either stated
supporting points or implied supporting points.
Write this working thesis in a separate document and
submit it to the submission link on D2L.

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