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Write a 60 line essay ( 12 pt font, normal margins) drawing from the “Lessons le

Write a 60 line essay ( 12 pt font, normal margins) drawing from the “Lessons learned” portions of the Engage assignments and your overall experience in the course. Discuss at least 6 lessons learned about communications that you will apply to your academics, career and/or personal life. Your examples should be specific. DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE INFORMATION FROM THE COURSE. This is a personal application paper. What did you learn about yourself as a communicator? student? What did you learn about others? How will those answers affect your thinking and behavior in the future?
Be sure that at least 2 lessons focus on public speaking, at least 2 on interpersonal communication and at least 2 on small group communication.
Be sure to include and identify by underlining in your paper at least two posts (or excerpts if post is lengthy) from your interpersonal comm discussion assignment. If you don’t underline them you run the risk of not getting credit.
Be sure to include an introductory paragraph, a clear thesis with preview of mainpoints. In the body of your paper your 2-4 paragraphs should have clear topic sentences with transitions between paragraphs. Your essay should finish with a strong concluding paragraph. While most of the grade will be based on content and analysis rather than style of writing, this is a college paper and I expect the grammar and spelling to be correct. The paper should be in proper essay format as indicated above. See MLA guidelines for further details.
You must include at least one term from the course in each lesson or a minimum of 6 terms. Bold terms whenever they are used.
Note: If you do not bold your terms I will take 5 points off and you run the risk that I will miss some of the terms. 5 point deduction for late submission

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