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Write an essay arguing a position of your choice based on one of the podcasts we

Write an essay arguing a position of your choice based on one of the podcasts we listened to in this module.
Your argument should have a clear stance and focus on ONE central theme on which you can focus your argument
to develop argumentative writing skills
to identify theme and stance
to practice supporting claims with evidence
to improve written communication
to analyze real-world problems
Avoid first and second person pronouns (e.g. I, me, you, your, us, our, we, etc.)
Avoid contractions.
Avoid rhetorical questions.
MLA student header (your name, my name, the course title, and the paper’s due date)
12-point Times New Roman font
One-inch margins
Don’t forget your Work(s) Cited page!
A rant
A collection of personal opinions
A summary of the podcast or video
An onslaught of negativity about the topic
A flood of praise about the podcast/video

I have already wrote out an outline to use for my essay and I have picked a few quotes/ideas to use from the podcast.
1st thesis- “How Covid-19 Reshaped Cities” by Kevin J Krizek addresses how Covid-19 positively impacted cities by reducing transportation by automobile, when in fact negative reactions occurred in regards to expense, inconvenience and unsafe conditions.
Concluding thesis- Covid-19 did in fact reshape cities but not as productively mentioned in this podcast.
Quotes from podcast to use in argument
Providing for cars was a massive investment and has provided us immeasurable flexibility in how we travel
City mayor of Seattle announced that 20 miles of these streets were going to be closed to cars permanently
You see these types of modes, they conserve, mostly the same purpose as cars trucks SUVs but they do so by using a ⅓ of the space to get around. These new modes can be great for older people or those without a car so that they can run errands or visit friends
Pittsburgh is redesigning their city streets now to accommodate more of these human skilled vehicles
Redesigning 50 miles of streets over the next 2 years to bring in more welcoming environments for bike plus type vehicles
Austin Texas-
opening up select streets to just walking and cycling
Now this action proved valuable in helping residents realize embedded broadened the benefit of their tax dollars they typically pay to serve cars
We can now build on this momentum and push it further
Cars are too big for these short trips
In the long run we’ll save money, lives, and we’ll make our communities more just and resilient
Argument ideas
Expense of redesigning streets. How does a city afford it? Taxes. People lost jobs, unable to afford the cost of living on top of that, asking them to pay for new roads?
Buy a bike and safety equipment if don’t already own one not just for yourself but for the whole family, accessories to accommodate children that are unable to ride a bike
Inconvenience- for families and the elderly
Traveling in bad weather conditions
Storage for bikes and equipment
Safety- Bad weather
Criminal activity-highest in cities
Emergency situations-health emergencies, smaller roadways equals less space for cars(evacuation?) car pile up

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