You are a paralegal who has been working for a solo practitioner, Yara Moreno, i

You are a paralegal who has been working for a solo practitioner, Yara Moreno, i

You are a paralegal who has been working for a solo practitioner, Yara Moreno, in a modest urban community of about 100,000 people. The office is located just outside of the downtown area. The office engages in civil litigation and family law work, primarily. Yara worked for a small law office right out of law school and then opened her own practice. You have been working with her since the office opened 7 years ago.
Since you were hired as a paralegal, Ms. Moreno has always emphasized the importance of ethics in the law firm. If the law firm engages in unethical conduct, you could be fired, your attorney could be sued for malpractice, and/or your law firm could close down.
Yara shares a story that she heard from one of her colleagues working at a medium-sized law firm. During an initial consultation, Yara’s colleague was surprised to learn that the prospective client wanted to file a personal injury claim against a current client. It is clear that one of the paralegals who work at the law firm did not properly check for a conflict of interest beforehand.
To prevent such a problem at her firm, Yara has asked you to assist her in preparing some materials to train the law firm on the issue of conflicts of interest. You must:
Conduct online research.
Part 1: Draft a policy that will identify and explain four distinct ethical rules (from the ABA Model Rules) that directly address conflicts of interest.Provide a practical example to demonstrate how each of the rules should be applied and what should be said to the client/prospective client. Part 1, policies and examples, should be roughly 600–700 words in length.
Part 2: Team Assessment: On a separate page (within the same Microsoft® Word® document), you will write a roughly 150-word summary assessing the participation of yourself and your teammates in the Unit 4 Team Discussion Board activity. Refer back to your notes from the Unit 4 Team Discussion Board activity to complete this part of the assignment. First, you will assess your involvement in the team activity. How would you describe your participation in the group? Assess your level of participation and value to the team. Then you will do the same for each member of the team. Objective and substantive assessment is required.
please reference in APA format , should be 2-3 pages long.

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