you are going to explore how digital computing has changed the world of sports.

you are going to explore how digital computing has changed the world of sports.

you are going to explore how digital computing has changed the world of sports. Create and share a timeline of milestones and how these milestones have changed the world. Include at least 6 milestones. Note that everything on your timeline MUST be a digital technology!!!
I suggest that you use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your timeline.
For each milestone include:
an image
a date (might be just a year or might be a specific day)
a brief description of the milestone
a brief description of the impact it had on society
write a paragraph describing your topic and why you chose it. You must have at least one MLA citation for a reference you used to create the timeline.
Example of main post:
Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics Robots:
I chose to research the robotics company, Boston Dynamics. I had seen some of the videos they posted online showing some of their robots in action. They are really amazing! Robots are incredibly useful and interesting. The company was started in 1992 by two professors who worked with the government to create robots. The company was sold to Google X in 2013, then to Softbank, a Japanese company, in 2017. It has been owned by Hyundai Motor Group since 2020. Boston Dynamics became well known for videos they made and posted online showing the incredible things their robots can do. In 2022 the company signed a pledge that it would not support weaponizing any of their robots. Boston Dynamic has created bipedal and quadrupedal robots. Most of their robots are created for safety, to explore areas that are unsafe for humans for activities such as search, and rescue or bomb disposal, or to spot fire hazards. These robots are saving lives and paving the way for future technologies that will benefit humanity. Take a look at their videos!
Bora, Chandramita. “The Boston Dynamics Story”, Techstory, 2018, . Accessed 27 January 2023.
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(that is just an example the professor gave us, let me know if you can not access to the picture, In the link below is attached the rubric that she will use to grade)
Discussion 1 (How Digital Computing is Changing the World) Rubric

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