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You MUST be able to purchase the US Film Crash. I will provide extra money for t

You MUST be able to purchase the US Film Crash. I will provide extra money for that, or you can add it to your bid.
This is a capstone assignment, so it is
very labor intensive with multiple large projects.
STEP ONE: You will watch the film CRASH.
STEP TWO: Answer the following prompts:
two examples of good communication you saw in the film.
examples of bad communication.
example response MUST be 250 words.
to be very specific about the characters and the scene you are responding to
and describe why you chose it and how it applies.
order to receive a passing score each prompt must be fully and thoughtfully
Carefully re-watch the film and
consider which scenes, storylines and characters you could apply each theory
Review the following 6
1. Marxism
2. Left
3. Feminism
4. Peacemaking
5. Post
6. Cultural
You will use the theoretical
perspective to analyze and discuss one character or storyline or scene.
You MUST choose a DIFFERENT character/storyline/scene for each
STEP FOUR: You MUST write six (6) 750-word papers applying
critical theories to a scene/storyline/character to the film CRASH.
NOTE: Each theory requires
a one page 750-word paper.
● Each of these 6 papers must be combined and submitted together as one
document, separated with subheadings.
● You will discuss how the theory would explain the chosen
character/storyline/scene: “What would (insert theory) say about this?”
● You MUST make direct references to the theory.
● You need to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of EACH
theoretical application: “How well does this explain this part of the film?”
“What does it NOT explain?”
● Remember you are APPLYING the theories to the film, not showing how the
film illustrates the theory.
● Do NOT spend substantial time/space in your paper
describing the film.
● The majority of your paper should be grounded in theory (I have seen
the film, I do not need you to tell me about it).
● You MUST use subheadings in your paper when dividing up the
● You MUST also use subheadings when dividing up the strengths and
weaknesses analyses into separate sections.
This assessment will allow you to illustrate your understanding of the various critical criminological theories by applying them to the film CRASH.
You will also show your proficiency in critical thinking by analyzing those applications; and practice your written communication skills through the written assignment(s).
In order to receive a passing score for this assignment, you MUST complete the above fully with thoughtfulness.

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