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You will create an artifact (i.e. a poster, handout, Instagram ad, billboard, et

You will create an artifact (i.e. a poster, handout, Instagram ad, billboard, etc) of a hypothetical campaign on a specific topic in which you have personal interest with the intent on changing a specific behavior. I would suggest thinking about the specific target audience, messages, channels, public policies, and possible theoretical frameworks we have discussed in this class when planning your artifact. For example, communication practitioners:
Partition a target audience into segments with different sets of knowledge, attitudes, and skills and thus different orientations toward a specific behavior. For instance, a campaign might segment adults into those who are not considering recycling, those who are considering, and those who are already recycling.
Develop a message to persuade a specific target audience to enact or not enact a specific behavior. For example, a social norms message might try to discourage binge drinking among college students.
Disseminate a message through a channel. Examples of channels include television and interpersonal networks.
Rely on a public policy that supports the desired behavior. For example, the U.S. tax code imposes a fine on adults who withdraw money from an individual retirement account or IRA prematurely.
In this assignment,
You will write a persuasive and evidence-based introduction for your final campaign paper. The introduction should make a clear case for why your specific campaign and its issue is important as well as how it attempted to change individual or group behaviors. All claims must be backed with evidence. The text should lead to a clear argument about the issue the campaign attempted to address, why the campaign was necessary and briefly discuss what artifacts you are considering analyzing for the final paper. These artifacts should be items such as press releases, media (YouTube videos, tweets, Instagram posts, etc.) or anything else the campaign released in hopes of changing behavior. Later in the semester you will be asked to use one of the theories we discuss in this class to analyze how well these artifacts addressed common behavior change principles, but this is not necessary at this point.
You will also attach the citations and abstracts of 3 primary research studies that you plan on using for the literature review portion of your research brief. This will ensure that your topic is viable based on the current literature. This will also reveal if your campaign is too new to study at this point. Unfortunately, as you may remember from Research and Writing Methods, it takes time to get a paper published. This means current campaigns may not be a viable option for this assignment as there may not be enough peer reviewed information published. I highly recommend you look for a past campaign (one that is fully completed or has used a phased release and certain phases are now done) to study for this paper.
It is very important that you review the Sample Introduction prior to starting this assignment. As a reminder, evidence for the introduction can come from multiple types of sources; you do not need to rely on only primary research studies for this section.

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