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Your main posting this week is a short essay. Typically, a short essay has an in

Your main posting this week is a short essay. Typically, a short essay has an introductory paragraph, three or four paragraphs or so of main points with supporting evidence, and a concluding paragraph.
Your essay topic is to select an enduring American value and then describe how the information in the first chapter of our textbook illustrates this particular value. You need to find at least one reliable source that helps you identify a particular American value, and this source cannot be one of the web articles listed below. Then, based on your understanding of the first chapter of our textbook, you explain how the particular parts of our first chapter illustrate this particular value.
There are LOTS of possible topics in the first chapter of our book. Here are a few ideas that might spark your choice of topic, but feel free to look for more in the chapter:
Motivations to play.
Establishment of rules.
Following versus breaking rules.
The reserve clause.
Evolution of management relations with players.
Differences between the urban and rural game.
Gambling, drinking, and baseball.
Why do some fans love statistics?
Why didn’t we play cricket or rounders instead?
What will fans pay to see?
Remember, a value sometimes is an ideal as well as a practice. A value might guide the way we think, feel, and behave, but there might be a gap. In other words, sometimes we do not live up to our values but we still believe in them. Do not be afraid to offer a critical analysis of values and practice if you see gaps between values and practices.
This is not an essay of personal opinion. Rather, you present an enduring American value based on a reliable source. Then, you are analyzing information in the first chapter of our textbook to show us how the information presented by authors of our textbook illustrated this value.
Format: Single-space your paragraphs, with a blank line between each paragraph. Then, copy the text from your word processor and paste it into a new thread in our weekly discussion board. Cite your source(s) when you identify the value that your essay examines. You do not need to cite your textbook since we all have read the chapter; you can treat the textbook as common knowledge. List your source(s) as reference at the end of your essay. Use APA format for the reference, but you do not need to use a hanging indent since that is hard to do in Blackboard. This is not an APA paper. The only thing we use APA for is to make sure your reference is complete. An example is below.
Length: Typically, a short essay should have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement. Then, we should expect to see three or perhaps four main points, with each main point and supporting evidence in a separate paragraph. Then, your concluding paragraph revisits your thesis statement and the evidence you presented. In other words, aim for five or perhaps six paragraphs for this short essay. A framework is below. The text book we use is Baseball by Ken Burns

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