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Zed Technologies1 is an Australian provider of cloud-based medical services, whi

Zed Technologies1 is an Australian provider of cloud-based medical services, whi

Zed Technologies1 is an Australian provider of cloud-based medical services, which allow patients to access their X-rays, MRIs, scans and ultrasounds through an app. In February 2017, the company established its subsidiary in Singapore as part of the Landing Pads. At the beginning of 2020, Zed Technologies was thinking about further expansion of its business into other countries such as Vietnam, but the pandemic added new variables to the expansion plan. You, as the task force of International Business Department in Zed Technologies, are required to write a report to the Board of Directors to recommend whether the company should enter ONE of the four countries, elaborate why, when, and how. In other words, you need to identify key issues that facilitate and hinder the expansion decision and make recommendations according to your analyses. When preparing the report, you are required to link your arguments to the course content, and to support your suggestions with relevant data.
Other Expectations:
The report should be well written and well referenced. Ensure that you follow the APA
referencing style as required. Your report should present a strong argument
(e.g., meaningful recommendations) by identifying the key issues related to the topic.
Taking a critical view, your report should highlight relevant aspects of the issue and
argue for which perspective you believe is stronger than others. This should be analysed
in the main body of the report and reflected in the recommendation section.
Your arguments should be based on facts and evidence. It is important that you have
used relevant reports, articles, and figures from reliable and reputable sources, and
appropriately acknowledged them. The quality of your sources of information is
important. Please avoid using sources like Wikipedia for information.
Please thoroughly check your report to ensure that it complies with the academic
integrity requirements of the university. All submission will be checked for plagiarism
using text comparison software.
You may use both real information of Zed Technologies and “presumed” information to
complement the real information for supporting your arguments. Wherever “presumed”
information is used, some logical justification is required.

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