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Zine- Final project

Zine- Final project

Overall Final Project Process

Please watch this videoLinks to an external site.. I explain the entire Final Project Process in this video. (The details in the rest of the assignment guidelines below is discussed in the video linked above.

(See specific assignments outlined below)

For our final project in our Introduction to Ethnic Studies course, we are going to make zines! If you are unsure of what a zine is, make sure you watchthis videoLinks to an external site.

before you proceed reading the rest of this guidance document. Make sure you follow the steps below to complete your zine project. Note that the zine process is a multi-assignment process.

For the CURRENT ASSIGNMENT. You are simply choosing which prompt you will respond to for the overall assignment. You have a choice from prompts A, B, or C. (see Step 4). 



Watch the video linked in the paragraph above.


Read this series of quotes below. The set of quotes should seem familiar to you as we have discussed their significance in the understanding of race/ racism in the U.S. and the need for every one of us to receive an Ethnic Studies education. Reflect on how these quotes have resounded with the material from our course.

  • “One principal goal of the creation of the field [of Ethnic Studies] was to decolonize knowledge and power. This has included challenging institutions…”
  • “Racism is the state-sanctioned and/ or legal production and exploitation of group-differentiated vulnerabilities to premature death… [this definition] focuses not on how race is imagined or intended by white people but rather on how it is experienced by people of color.”
  • “You can’t have capitalism without racism.”
  • “In settler colonialism, settlers are here to STAY. But indigenous peoples are still here!”
  • “We are here because you were there.”
  • “History does not repeat, it rhymes.”
  • “I believe that we will win!”


Review and understand the prompt and the zine’s required criteria.

You will create a zine about the many ways racialized communities contributed to struggles for equity and liberation. You are required to source material for this zine from our class readings, videos, and lectures. In particular, your zine will draw from our collective study of the materials from weeks 7 to 12.

The prompts for the zine are as follows:

Choose ONE prompt from the variety of prompts below.

A. Choose ONE of the racialized communities we have studied so far. In this zine, you will highlight the relationship between identity-building and the creation of the social movements in which your community participated/ participates. Note that you can create this zine with a focus on organizations or coalitions that have existed in the past OR the present.

Your zine for option A must include responses to the 4 questions outlined below:

    • Why was the need to establish a collective identity so crucial for the racialized community you’ve chosen?
    • What were some examples of different approaches to identity-building? Have some of those expressions of ethnic or racial identity reinforced the “American Dream” or white supremacy?
    • Choose ONE example of identity formation we’ve gone over in class that resounds with you. Why does this example stand out to you?
    • Address the relationship between identity formation and the creation of social movements. What happens when people’s identities (for example, their intersectional identities) are NOT reflected in the concerns of the social movement?


B. Choose ONE topic (from the 3 topics below) that we have covered in class after week 6.

    • Racial capitalism & neoliberalism
    • The struggle for sovereignty & self-determination
    • Migration & borders

In this zine, you will offer a collection of the different perspectives of communities of color as they pertain to ONE of the topics. Note that you are encouraged to cover the experiences and activism of more than ONE racialized community.

Your zine for option B must include responses to the 4 questions outlined below:

    • Define clearly the topic you have chosen using examples from class materials.
    • In what ways have MULTIPLE racialized groups been impacted by the topic you mentioned?
    • In what ways have MULTIPLE racialized groups organized and fought back against their oppressions (as related to your topic of choice)? What means did these groups pursue?
    • In what ways does your topic demonstrate instances of racism (using Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s definition RE: “premature death”)

C. In this course, we have learned about how working-class, communities of color have continuously faced hardship as a result of decades (and sometimes generations) of governmental neglect and governmental attacks. In this zine, you will spread awareness about a grassroots organization that is fearlessly addressing economic and/ or political and/ or social and/ or cultural “gaps” in historically targeted and marginalized communities. Note that you can spread awareness about an historical (real) grassroots organization OR you can create a fictional grassroots organization.

Your zine for option C must include responses to the 4 questions outlined below:

    • What are three historical moments we have covered in this course that demonstrate the oppression your organization is trying to address?
    • What are the basic goals of your organization? How will these goals address economic and/ or political and/ or social and/ or cultural “gaps”? How will your organization attempt to achieve these goals? (Consider past lessons RE: interest convergence & co-optation)
    • What are some lessons your organization has learned from past social movements?
    • What is your organization’s stance on “liberation vs. peace”?

STEP 4 – Due in week 10

This assignment is a smaller assignment that is built into this final project. For this assignment, you are CHOOSING which prompt you will respond to from the list of prompts outlined in Step 3. AGAIN: You are ONLY choosing which prompt you will submit for this assignment. DO NOT draft the zine yet. 

Example of assignment submission for Step 4. In the text box, you will type:
I will create a zine responding to prompt A.

(20 points)

STEP 5 – Due in week 11

Draft your zine.

Draft the written components of your zine. Submit this first draft via canvas by Friday before 11:59PM. 

The zine must use academic sources. Rely on the materials from this course (in particular, texts, lectures, and videos from weeks 6 to 12). If you require more sources, use sources from the Long Beach City College library databases.Links to an external site.

(80 points)

STEP 6 – Due in week 12

Revise your zine. Within a few days of submitting your draft zine (written portions), Dr. Stef will provide you with feedback on how to improve the written points in your zine so that you can succeed in this assignment. Apply the feedback to your zine. Submit this final zine as a part of a catalogue of zines Dr. Stef will share with the rest of the class.

More guidance on the zine:

  • The zine must use 8 ½ x 11” paper. Take the paper and fold it in half and use the half pages as the zine’s pages.
  • The zine must include at least 8 pages (NOT including the cover page). These pages can include illustrations, magazine cutouts, collages, etc.
  • At minimum, the entire zine must include 5 paragraphs of writing (1 paragraph = 8-9 sentences). Feel free to distribute this writing throughout the zine in whatever way you’d like.
  • Citations: The zine must include loose citations (author last name, page number).
  • The final zine is due on the date listed above (next to Step 6). Dr. Stef will share a link where others can view the zines of their classmates.

(200 points)




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